Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Character maker

i- Waking up with my husband and staying up until he's home from work is an accomplishment.
ii- There's no excuse for not making a good dinner.
iii- I try not to over eat (anything)- moderation is the key to maintain your relationship with your high school jeans.
iv- An internet detox is not bad once in a while.
v- Spending an hour moving my body is a form of exercise.
vi- I clean up my closet every year, anything that wasn't worn much goes to value village or salvation army.
vii- See the world (at least once or twice a year) you'll be surprise how it feels so foreign yet liberating when you're out of your comfort zone.
viii- Education can be achieved w/o going to college. Focus on how to make money and be rich out of your passion even if you have to resort on other people's pockets (loan).
ix- Learn how to be sensitive of others feelings even if you "don't give a damn".
x- Losing weight means getting rid of dairy products.
xi- Pampering yourself doesn't mean going to a spa- you can save money by DIY beauty products.
xii- The best investment you can wear is gold- don't waste your money on branded materials once they're used the value fades with it.
xiii- The best investment you can work on or let it set for a long time is a land- the worse thing that could happen is recession.
xiv- Family will always be family no matter what.
xv- It's OK to be selfish. If you can't take care of your own needs then you're not in a position to help anybody else.
xvi- You will doubt your self many times but as long as you work hard success is inevitable. As what they say : What your mind can conceive, your body can achieve..and If there's a will, there's a way.
xvii- People easily forget how you became successful.Don't worry about the gossip, for the process doesn't matter only the outcome does!
xviii- I believe in God as much as I do in Science.
xix- Money sure can't buy you happiness but will make your life easier and buy you health.
xx- Smile often it's one of the best way to avoid wrinkles in the forehead.
xxi- Sing! Even if you're out of's good for your lungs..
xxii- Avoid buying ill-fitting shoes, you don't wanna have corns!
xxiii- Cooking like shopping is a good therapy.
xxiv- Make sure to have a date night once in a while.
xxv- Try to make-up minutes after you fight.

-to be continued by Trizzavis